Sunday, 16 August 2015

This Week I ....... 16th August

Hi Goddesses

Another super quick round up for you!

I've been doing some more YouTube videos.  You can find a round up of the week HERE  as well as an interview with Baby Crumpet lol.  Don't forget to subscribe to my channel as I upload more than I tell you about!

Thrilled with my UberMat, not so thrilled with Born Pretty Stamping plates.

It was Digital Dozen week - the theme was food, and on Friday I so went there with my interpretation of "condiments".  That's right, real ketchup on my nails!

It's my birthday soon, so I have been buying myself some pressies.  Lollipop Posse, Top Shelf Lacquer, a few more Grace-fulls ... all on the way :)  Squeeeee!

Oh and I have a new blog planner AND I've been launching the new Crumpets Nail Tarts Challenge.

Phew, I've been a bit busy!

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