Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Digit-al Dozen DOES Recreation Week - Lesley's Zebra

Hi Goddesses

Sometimes in life, the right people cross your path at the right time, and I am so grateful that Lesley from workplaypolish was part of our group for a time.

As well as having mad skills, Lesley was the epitomy of generosity, and her genuine nature was truly inspirational.   For the most part, I was staggered by every mani she posted, but when she posted this one, I was gutted - because it looked so Crumpet-y, yet I had never thought of it!

This mani comes from Animal Week, over 2 years ago, and I was shocked that Lesley had a) stamped and b) done something so splodgy.  As you know, I created the splodge and the splodgerama, where colours are randomly sponged on the nail, but sadly, Lesley opted for a SPLOTCH, where she dabbed the colours on.

I always loved the electric-nature of this mani, and sadly I really feel that mine doesn't measure up for a variety of reasons - 

* firstly, I used one of the Color Club pastel neons as my base.  Feathered Hair Out To Here was STILL streaky after 3 coats, and I wasn't sure it would ever dry, so I Poshe'd it

* my splodging, although beautiful, left too much of the base covered, so you don't get the full impact of Lesley's mani

* because of The Pastel Neon That Would Not Dry, when I stamped, it er ... splodged - the plonker must have felt it was compressing a big fat sandwich and it smooshed both the polish underneath (you can see the odd wrinkle) and it created cracks in the zebra stripes.  Booo.

* and then there's the stamp itself.  Lesley used the brilliant Konad m57 but man those images are small.  My next best zebra was on a genius plate called MoYou Punk 09, but the thickness of the stripes really over-dominates the mani.

That said, I doooooo love how this turned out.  It's still bright, it still has some wow, it's still a head-turner.  It's just not as gorgeous as the original.

Polishes used
- Color Club Feathered Hair Out To Here
- Girly Bits Julia
- Girly Bits Hip Hoop Hurray
- Girly Bits Don't Paddle Break A Nail
-w7 Fuchsia

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