Friday, 18 September 2015

Digit-al Dozen DOES Recreation Week - Katee's Books

Hi Goddesses

And so to my final mani of DD week.  To all the girls I didn't recreate, I still love you, but I only had 5 manis, and there have been so many of you.

Today I honour a lovely lady who has been part of DD since the beginning, Katee from A Girl and Her Polish.  I've seen Katee's style evolve over the years, and these days she's pretty much a double stamping queen.

When she did this mani, I squealed because it was so perfect.  It also comes from Childhood Week (the theme which bookends my week) and it honours books - a passion we both share.  Here's Katee's mani -

Obviously, I wanted to personalise the mani a little, so I took Katee's style, and mixed it up a little to be truer to me.  Here's how it looked before the top layer.

The base images are a history of my love affair with books - 

- thumb - childhood craft books, using Cici & Sisi 05

- index - witches and magic, an obsession, and the root of my childhood reading, using MoYou Festive 16

- middle - shelves of books!  the story of my life :)  using Vivid Lacquer VL029

- ring - fingerprint - I love thrillers, it's my favourite genre - Vivid Lacquer VL009

- thumb - money - I love robberies, heists, the intellectual puzzling of the perfect financial crime - Cici & Sisi 12

I then used the Live Love Laugh motif from BM-405 on top of my bases.  That's what books help us do - live other people's lives, fall in love, laugh - it's life, all on paper.

I had an absolute blast creating this mani, and actually, it turned out to be my favourite of the week.  I hope you've enjoyed this week as much as we have.

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