Monday, 7 September 2015

Girly Bits What Really Happened In Vegas 2015 Skittle

Hi Goddesses

And welcome to another week!  Sadly polish life is far more exciting than real life for me at the moment, so let's embrace the polish and have fun!

As part of my birthday present to myself, I had a bit of a Girly Bits haul - only a couple of bottles, well 11, but who's counting - and part of that haul was the new What Really Happened In Vegas set.

I bought the set cos I loved a couple of the colours and was 50/50 about the other 3.  Well, 50/50 me no more, I love them all!!

These polishes are DELICIOUS and of course you'll see them in all their solo glory soon, but skittling like this is my favourite way to wear my new or untried polishes, and to get an instant feel for which ones might be keepers, or which ones don't match my skin tone, or look like dupes of polishes I already own  (or each other, ILNP I AM looking at you).

Although the blue is my favourite of these 5 - it's so freakin' BLUE - and sparkly - and BLUE!!! - and sparkly - I love the congruence of the other 4, and how they are perfect autumn tones.  I was especially shocked by the brown, which I thought I would hate, but which actually mesmerises me.

So which ones's which?

* thumb - Blue Ribbon Cankles
* index - The Shaft
* middle - Up All Night To Get Lucky
* ring - Downtown Funk
* pinkie - It Was The Fireball

For fun, I stamped afterwards using MoYou Illusion 03.

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