Thursday, 3 September 2015

Grace-full Nail Polish - Karen and I'm No Lady

Hi Goddesses

I have another couple of Grace-full nail polishes for you today.  These 2 were included as a gift in a purchase I recently made and as always, they are GREAT!

Karen is a pure bright green.  I don't think green gets happier or brighter than this.

What lifts this polish though is the beautiful gold shimmer which shines throughout - really beautiful.

I then paired this polish with a gold stamping polish and Bundle Monster Polynesia plate BM-XL112.

I liked the simplicity of the pattern here.

I'm No Lady is a great gold.  It's similar - but different - to Crowning Glory from the Happily Ever After Collection - this one has no flakies, but a much cooler name lol.

Do you need both?  In my opinion, no, but if you love gold the way I love purple, then dammit, yes you need both lol.

I then did some freehand green swirls on top of the gold using Karen.

This didn't turn out quite so well on camera - as sometimes happens, the light and the top coat detract from the pattern.  Still, I'm pretty impressed with my freehand, especially on the thumb.

You can buy Grace-Full Nail Polish HERE.

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