Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Great Lakes Lacquer Friends Collection - Skittle

Hi Goddesses

Another skittle today, and another indie brand.  You may have seen me preview these polishes on my YouTube channel HERE.

Great Lakes Lacquer were the first part of my birthday haul.  I seemed to see them EVERYwhere, and the colours looked so gorgeous that I couldn't resist.  I was drawn to the super-brightness, and also the mix of textures.

In the video, I commented that The Quick Witted Comedian (middle finger) and Krazzzzie Fast Fingered Gamer Girl looked really similar in the bottle, and I hoped they would be more distinguishable on the nail.

Although the gorgeous flecks in TQWC reveal themselves on the nail (so beautiful, she bloomed with each layer I added), they still look fairly similar in base colour to me.  I was chatting about various things with Mariah (their mommy) and about how my TQWC doesn't lean as blue as the photos in her store, and apparently, the sunshine makes it turn more blue.   So, TQWC, you and me, we need a rematch on a sunny day.

You may also remember me saying that I didn't feel the red (The Soul Sister) fitted with the collection, and wearing them, I still feel that now.  Ironically, it's my favourite of the 5 (so bright and cheering), but my favourite photos are the ones without it.

Over to Mariah again, and her reply that the collection was inspired by 5 of her friends and THAT is what binds the collection together, rather than the congruence of the colours.  Argh, I like that answer!

Formulawise, they were fine, although The Soul Sister was a little thick - though this may be because in my haste I forgot to shake it lol.

The electric blue is a stunner.  The Fashion Artist is a great colour, with great flecking - the only drawback is that it's on my shitty index nail which decided to split ACROSS as well as down last week - gggrrrrr.

Completing the quintet is The Triathlon Trainer.  This is possibly the most complex of the 5, and although beautiful, was not for me - me and petrol tones Do Not Go.

I also bought 2 purples which I'll be showing you very soon.  Oh and the stamping was Color Club Beyond, and the stamp is from UberChic 4-01.

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