Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Jacava Nail Art - Blue Gradient Flowers

Hi Goddesses

Today I have a mani which I LOVE and which I also think is quite complex for me - although as you'd expect, it's actually really simple to do!

This was done using the Jacava nail polishes I was sent for review - Drury Lane, Mont Blanc and Mount Row.

First of all I did a gradient, which you've already seen HERE.  As I was looking at my nails, I could see a flower pattern in my head, and I hit on the idea of doing the flowers in reverse order to the gradient.

The flowers are super simple, done using a medium-small dotting tool.

The ony trickiness was the white.  When it was over Mount Row (the darker blue) it looked perilously close the the middle shade (Drury Lane), so some double dotting was required.

These polishes were sent for my honest review and can be purchased HERE.

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