Friday, 25 September 2015

Review - Bohemian Polish - Most Potente Potions

Hi Goddesses

Oh this is a FUN collection!  I haven't tried Bohemian Polish before, so I was very happy to review 3 polishes from the Most Potente Potions collection, named after Harry Potter.

Not only is every polish Potter-themed, but the press release came on crinkled, aged paper, like a torn out page from the Marauders Map!  Love that kind of stuff.  And apologies, again, because this post was delayed due to my nasty flu-i-ness.

So, let's start with Don't Mind The Steam, a gorgeous pink holo with gold shimmer.

This is perfect - not too girly, and not too overdone either.  A very well-balanced, Goldilocks pink.

See No Dreams is the purple, and this is where it starts to get oooooooh so good!  This is a lovely medium-bright purple holo - this is going to look great in a summer flower mani!

However, what makes this polish really special is the bluey glitter snuggled inside.  It's a beautiful pay-off, the blue v the purple, and it's this glitter that makes this polish my favourite of the 3.

Finally, I received Furry Little Problem Solver (love that name!) a medium blue holo with irridiescent flakes.  Again, that combo is a winner.

The shade of the blue is really pretty too.  When everyone seems to be doing Blue with a Capital B, it's nice to see a gentler, more periwinkle blue.   There's also some very very secret lilac shimmer going on here - you can see it's occasional flash in some of the photos.

Ok, a few over-arching thoughts.  Firstly these are REAL holos.  They need 3 thin coats for perfection.  Holos should NEVER be opaque in one coat, so don't tut at me.  Holos need light and to breathe, so the formula here is spot on.

Also a very weird thing happened to me wearing this polish.   Because I was poorly, I put the polish on on Monday night, and didn't touch it again til Saturday.  Usually by this point, whole nails have flaked off, or at least good sized chevrons of them, but no .... not a single chip or flake.  Now, my polish will jump off as soon as it thinks I'm looking at it, and I have NEVER EVER had 5 days wear out of a polish before, so colour me very impressed on that score.

You can buy Bohemian Polish here.  These are just 3 of the 7 piece collection, and you have to respect an indie maker who honoured her theme so completely that she promises polishes can be "owled" to you lol.   

These polishes were sent for my honest review.

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