Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Save The Rhino Day

Hi Goddesses

Today is Save The Rhino Day, and I was asked to take part in the Nail It For Rhinos campaign.  The team who organised this event sent me this lovely box with some cute rhino decals which I'll probably use another time.

I don't do many posts like this - not because I don't care, but usually because I don't find out about the day until the day itself, so with some comfortable prep time, I was more than happy to participate.

Everybody was given a bottle of Barry M Chai to use for their rhino, and I layered mine with Elevation Polish Shilin Stone Forest to give it more texture.

I've always been fascinated by the "folds" in a rhino's skin (really amazing up close) and I mixed my Chai with Darling Diva Bad Ass to create the folds and the lettering on the thumb.

Of course, the whole purpose of the day is to draw attention to the plight of these imperious animals.  The ring finger shows the aftermath of a de-horning.  Seriously, those photos are appalling, and the pain and maiming are just cruel for words.

If you'd like to donate, you can go to savetherhino.org/nailitforrhinos.  If you're in the UK, you can text Nail15 £3 to 70070.

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