Sunday, 6 September 2015

This Week I ..... September 6 2015

Hi Goddesses

Well, what a week!  It's been a shitfucker for me, so I really do hope yours was better!

As ever, I am not managing to do these posts every week haha (what a surprise), so this is kind of a fortnight's round-up.  I've been posting lots of videos to YouTube recently, so please head over and take a look.  You can see posts on some of my birthday haul, and also a piece on my very first indie purchase, from Girly Bits :)  As well as me being interviewed by Beth aka Baby Crumpet lol.

Talking of indies, that's been my focus recently, with lots and lots of indie posts.  You, well you LOVED the new Indigo Bananas Fall Holos post - it racked up the clicks faster than anything I've seen for a while!

There's also been a lot of 2 brands on the blog - It Girl nail plates and Grace-full nail polish.  Both are golden, and I was really pleased with my press samples from both.

I've been getting impatient for birthday polishes to arrive too - yesterday my Girly Bits arrived, so I am super excited about them, but Frenzy Polish and Love, Angeline are still out there.  Come, come to mamma!

It's Digit-al Dozen next week, so I spent this weekend doing my 5 manis and it's ALSO the launch of a new Crumpet's Nail Tarts challenge in 4 weeks, so I've been getting my ass in gear for that too!

Nails are really exciting for me right now.  So many ideas, so many gorgeous polishes, so much so many so much so arrrggh - yeh, it's all spilling out of my head and there's not enough time to do it ALL.  I need to control myself, and not burn out again   .... but I wanna do it allllll  lol.

Have a great week xx

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