Friday, 16 October 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Geeks

Hi Goddesses

It's Week 3 of 40 Great Nail Art Ideas, which means we're back to the themes, but before we head there, let's take a look at the final collage from teal week - it's epic!

Geeks is a great theme, and we're all geeky about so many things.  I struggled to pick what to do though, because although I am a geek, I feel I've already done nail art about things I'm geeky about - books, writing, Lost etc.

However, I then realised there is one obsession I haven't blogged about yet - IMDB or Internet Movie Database, to give it its full name.   This is a GEM of a website.  Every TV programme or film EVERRRRR is on there, and you can geek out to trivia OR just avoid a sleepless night by quickly finding out what other films that actor who was the cop's best friend has been in before.

I love it, and it's where I head after I've watched anything.   Key word there - after.  If you go part way through a TV series (Dexter, say), you might find off someone doesn't last longer than 4 series and thus ruin what must have been a magical moment if you didn't see it coming.

Oh and I can't believe I wore yellow .... although Happy Medium by Literary Lacquers is almost tolerable ;)

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