Friday, 2 October 2015

40 Great Nail Art ideas - Hobbies

Hi Goddesses

Gah, today is such an exciting day !!!!!! Like, t-shirt over the head, run around the room like a crazy chicken kind of exciting !    Today sees the launch of the new challenge from Crumpet's Nail Tarts- this one is called 40 Great Nail Art Ideas.

I've been creating challenges for a couple of years now, and it's great seeing the random interpretations and inspirations for a theme.  But what about you, as a reader, as someone who paints their nails - wouldn't it be great to have them grouped together?  By theme or by pattern?  Available as one huge collage?  Located on Pinterest?

So here you have it - 40 Great Nail Art Ideas.  It's actually 2 challenges merged into one.  Every other week we're going to be doing nail art themes - today's is hobbies.  On the OTHER weeks, we're going to be doing colours and patterns, and each of us will be doing a different pattern.  Make sure you tune in next week for that one.

So this week is Hobbies.   I probably would have done an awesome book mani for today, but I did that just last week for the Digit-al Dozen, so I decided to turn to my other obsession - Netflix.    Netflix has changed my life.   I'm an all or nothing girl, so I love the binge-viewing aspect to Netflix, and I also love that they are creating some of the best new shows around - Orange Is The New Black, Better Call Saul.

For my mani, I used Right Said Red by Sally Hansen as base, and acrylics for the rest.    I love my little retro TV.  Beth, bless her, first saw it sideways and asked if I'd done a wonky penguin .... kids.

If you want to follow us, you can find our Pinterest Board here - all the members will also be sharing the collages on IG and Facebook with the above hashtags.   I hope you enjoy and find it as useful as we're finding it fun !!

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