Friday, 9 October 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Teal (+ accent)

Hi Goddesses

Today is the 2nd week of the 40 Great Nail Ideas nail challenge.  Thank you so much for your positive responses last week - do you want to see the final collage?  Here it is -

Doesn't it look AMAZING?  Today we are on the 2nd half of the challenge which involves COLOURS.  Whereas last week we did a THEME (hobbies) this week, we are all doing TEAL.  With a twist.  Yes, the twist is we all have to do a different nail art pattern for the prompt!  How cool is that?  Once the collage is done, there will be over 40 examples of how to do a teal mani!

My teal is the STUNNING Vampire of New England by Grace-full Nail Polish.  It's deliciously dark and intense and felt perfectly witchy on my nails.

My pattern prompt was accent and I had a total mind-block.  Why?  Well because everything I could think of was somebody ELSE'S pattern ... so in the end I started doing a mermaid dotticure on the ring finger, using about 6 other teals.   Turns out when you do a mermaid pattern without letting it dry you get .... moosh.  Yup, so here's my mooosh accent nail lol.  

Don't forget to check out the other ladies!

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