Friday, 30 October 2015

40 Great Nail Ideas - Halloween

Hi Goddesses

And welcome to Halloween!   This is the only Halloween mani I am posting this year.  That wasn't my plan, I had quite a lot of ideas in my head, and lots of lusty purples to use, but it's coincided with a major life re-evaluation which has seen me paint my nails only 3 times in the last 4 weeks.  I know!   I am not planning to quit blogging, but I will be posting less (hopefully with higher artistic quality) as I work out how to be an adult and what to do with my life.

Well, that was a happy start, wasn't it!  lol.  Let's look back on Orange, Purple and Green week, which saw some gawjus manis.  Such fabulous colours.

So a few weeks ago, when I did this, it wasn't going to be my only Halloween mani.  Now that it is, it seems a shit offering, but there was great THOUGHT behind it haha.

You may remember during Digital Dozen Autumn Week I was mulling over what made something what it was, the colour or the image, and I did this mani at roughly the same time.  I wanted to know, if I did a Halloween mani in non-traditional colours, would it still look as good?

Well, this has a certain old 1930's black and white scary movie vibe to it, but to me it does lose something without an amazing gradient night sky.   And the white cat just looks wrong lol.  But hey, no one else will have a done a mani like this!

This mani uses the UberChic Halloween 01 plate which I was sent for review and LURVE.

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