Monday, 12 October 2015

Digit-al Dozen DOES Autumn - Cath Kidston Style

Hi Goddesses

And welcome to one of my favourite DD weeks EVERRRRR!!!  I've had such a blast doing this week's manis and do you know what - there's not a dud amongst them.  To my eyes, anyway.  It's rare I love all 5 DD manis but this week I do I do I do.

I'm very much obsessed at the moment with what makes something what it is - is it the colour, or the pattern? - and this week I got to play around with that notion.

Today's mani is an autumnal pattern, in very non-traditional colours, based on my gorgeous new Cath Kidston key ring.   I was lucky enough to visit a real life CK store a few weeks ago, and yes, I *was* that weird woman taking photos of all the patterns lol.

I really love this design, primarily I think because of it's unusual muted pastel colour scheme.  I love that it is and isn't autumnal, all at the same time.

I also think I did a pretty decent job of translating it, and it's not often I say that.  The base is OPI Be There In A Prosecco, which is a tad yellow for my skin, but looks oh so perfect for this type of nail art.

Don't forget to check out the other lovely ladies of the DD.

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