Saturday, 7 November 2015

40 Great Nail Ideas - Black and White

Hi Goddesses

Thank god it's the weekend!  I've had a pretty gruesome, exhausting week.  Mentally and physically I feel spent, and stretched to a point where I feel I could literally burst apart from stress and general horribleness.   Luckily, I have Beth all weekend, and we're planning to spend most of it in bed, snuggling and watching Pitch Perfect.  Sounds like good medicine to me :)

I mentioned on my Facebook page earlier this week that I was retreating from blogging.  I am not going to rehash it all here, but this is the last mani that I had prepared.  Going forward, I still plan to take part in this amazing challenge, but it's interesting to me whether I would have had the energy /inclination to do a mani if it hadn't already been prepared.

Anyway, enough babble.  Firstly, here's the collage from last week's theme, Halloween - isn't it amazing?   The level of creativity is astounding, and I am particularly fond of the the eyeballs!

Today's theme is black and white, and my pattern was brushstroke.  I was a bit bummed by the prompt, and struggled to give this one the wow factor.  In the end, I decided varying the texture was the key, and I used all sorts of polishes from textures to Darling Diva holos to try and give this some diversity.

I don't utterly love it, but I do like that it has a tweedy vibe.

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