Saturday, 21 November 2015

40 Great Nail Ideas - Grey and Colour

Hi Goddesses

It's Friday!  Always a cause for celebration, and this weekend is going to be extra fun as Beth and I are also off to see The Hunger Games.  I just hope they don't deviate too much from the book.

Today's prompt is Grey + Colour, and my pattern was camouflage.  Originally, I was going to pick something hot and bright as my colour, but in the end went for a milder choice - and regretted it.

As I've mentioned, my depression has been worse over the last few weeks, and when I'm troubled, I always look for the soothing tones of lilac to calm me and help me feel more centred.

I'd been itching to wear a-England Wuthering Heights since I bought it - a rich. deep, smokey, scattered lilac it sadly ended up looking much darker on my skin tone, and therefore didn't give enough contrast to the grey.

Polishes used - 
base - OPI I'm Totally Fort Worth It (3rd time of wearing in 4 years - wow lol)
lilac - a-England Wuthering Heights
grey - Barry M Chai

I deliberately did my grey over the top of my lilac to show how depresssion can be like clouds, trying to stifle the light within.

There's a lot of posts about mental illness at the moment, and it's so important to remember - You Are Not Alone.

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