Friday, 13 November 2015

Digit-al Dozen DOES Pinterest - Bright Snakeskin

Hi Goddesses

Welcome to the end of the weeeeeeeek !!!!  And perhaps my very favourite mani of the week, and one that if I had to wear it for all time?  Well, I think I'd be quite comfortable with that.

This one probably looks least like its source pattern than any of the others, but we'll get to that!  Let's just love the pictures!

d57d-vector-snake-skin-texture-with-colored-rhombus-geometric-background-seamless-pattern-black-lilac-pink-304303364.jpg (450×470):
I hate snakes so rarely do snakeskin manis, but really loved this bright version.  I used 2 OPIs - I Ate Berries In The Canaries for my violet, and Cajun Shrimp for my off-red.  I did 2 full coats of the former, and then dabbed on Cajun Shrimp, going over those areas twice to make sure they stood out.

The problem came with the stamping.  The only snakeskin pattern I had was on MoYou Pro 04 and it's a really dense pattern.  As you can see in the inspiration pic, the pattern is sparser and broken up.

So I hit on the idea of distressing my stamping, and eating bits of the pattern away with a cotton bud before I plonked on to my nails.  This worked to an extent, and created the really interesting things you see on the index and middle nails.

I went for a full blown stamp on the little finger (can you see how black that is!) but then used what was left on the stamp on the ring finger - and I love the faded effect I got.

With hindsight, stamping with purple may have been better, but this mani entrances me on so many levels.  It's bright, it's messy, it's gothic and it's glossy.  What's not to love!   See you next week xx

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