Sunday, 13 December 2015

Literary Lacquers Community Collection 2015

Hi Goddesses

It always begins to feel a lot like Christmas when Amy releases her Community Collection on 1st December each year.  Made with the input of her fans and friends, this is now the 3rd annual collection, and I am still proud to have been involved in the first.

Now, because it's Christmas and we're all busy, I've tried to make this an awesome whistle-stop tour, so .... are you ready????

A Sensible Rabbit is a great polish.  Taupey holo, black speck glitter AND gold shimmer!

I loved this a LOT.  Perfect autumny / cosy sweater polish.

Burning Slowly From The Inside Out - GGAAAAHHHHH !!!  THIS is the polish I wish I had made with Amy when we made My Red Hair!  I love this.   Burnt orangey base, rammed with flakies and extra magic.

This is a holo addict's dream.   This polish has everything.  The incendiary glow is delicious, but what I think I love the most is how you can see pink, coral, orange and even purple in the bends of this polish.

This was designed with Destany from Confessions of A Sarcastic Mom, and she's done a FABULOUS job.  Damn her!

Free to Fly.   Ah, I do love my lilacs and this is candy-floss light and pillow soft.

This has added shimmer and is as delicate as a hummingbird.  Exquisite.

Give My Heart has me conflicted.  Personally, I find this shade of pink holo very overdone, but get this one under the lights and wow, what a diva!

I adore how glittery this is, but the real specialness comes from the golden bend of the holo in what is otherwise quite a cold polish.  It's an added layer of magic that just transforms it.

Leaves of Grass.  Harrumph.   Green polish.  And man, from the first brushstroke this had me SMITTEN.  How can I be the girl who hates green polish and yet love this?  Because this polish is EVERYTHING, that's why.

Not only is the dark green base perfect, this crackles with flakies and glitter and holo, and at some point, every shade of green and bluish green is visible in this sorcery-tastic smorgasbord of a polish.  I hate green polish, you know I do, but this .... gulp ... shit, can I really say this? .... I really think this is the masterpiece of the collection.

This was designed with Alex Bacon Leslie, a lady I've known for yonks through polish groups.  Dammit woman, you did GOOOOOD.

My Favorite Day is a gold holo.  Well, no, not really.  Darker than gold, but not copper or bronze.  Cognac-y maybe.  Yes, like gold got drunk.

This was the one I liked least, purely because of how it played off against my skin tone.  Still, it's a pretty dramatic polish, and unlike anything else I own.  Lion's eyes.  Yes, unique.

Phizzwizard.  Awesome name, from the BFG.  And actually, a pretty cool polish.  I was ready to be all "meh" about this one, but ooooh, she's a lady.

A cool, classy green, this polish even looked good on me, the green-hater.

Stinky Little Truck was a real surprise.  Again, I expected "meh" but wow, this is super light and bright silver - almost diamond white.

I really liked this.  In real life, I was blinded by the drama of the polish, and I was really surprised to see via the photos how complex this baby really was.  

And finally .... the one I dived into first .... Veronika.  Oh she's gorgeous.  Dark, dramatic, purple, with holo and Amy magic, what's not to love?

I adored this one - obviously - and loved the depth of colour.  The true beauty comes from how this, a brown-based purple, still manages to bend some blue in its holoeyness.   Gorgeous.

Overall, I adored this collection from Amy.   I've joked for ages that I wanted a collection without blues, and with a few more bright colours, and I think we got that here.  This is a lovely rainbow of a collection too, and lots of these polishes will play well with each other, which is another win for me.

Well done Amy and all her helpers :)   These polishes were sent to me for an honest review and can be purchased HERE.

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