Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Digit-al Dozen DOES New & Improved - Sharpie Gradient

Hi Goddesses

Today I have a totally new technique for me, but one I have seen other bloggers use quite successfully.

For over a year, there's been fanfare over what you can do nail art-wise with a Sharpie pen.  I have to say, I've struggled though.  I've found the pen has either grooved through my polish, or refused to make a permanent line over my shiny polish.

Another technique I'd seen was using Sharpies on a sponge, squirting them with alcohol and then applying the sponge to the nail, to create a gradient.    I mainly saw this on Beaching Nails, and she managed to get some awesome blends.

Mine is not so awesome lol, but it DOES look different to a nail polish gradient, and has a glassy quality I really loved.   I found I had to press the sponge REALLY hard though to transfer the colours.  Can you guess what happened with the thumb?  Yep, base polish not quite dry enough (I did this over an off-white base).

Do I like it enough to try again?  Definitely, but I think I'm going to need to head back to YouTube to get this one mastered.

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