Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Digit-al Dozen DOES New & Improved - Waterspotting

Hi Goddesses

Today I am going to back to a "messy" style of nail art - waterspotting.  I love messy patterns because there is no right or wrong, so you can never be too critical of them!

I tried waterspotting a couple of times last year, and for the most part failed miserably because I didn't have "enough" alcohol - the only thing I could get to disperse the polish was a tester bottle of Jo Malone perfume - a TAD expensive, plus I smelt like a tart all week from the amount I had to use!

Sooooo .... 70% alcohol is no good, you need the 99.9% version and thank you Amazon, that's now what I have, in a lovely squirty bottle.

That said, this isn't a total success.  The polish I wanted to use wouldn't disperse (it had too much glitter in it, even though they were super fine particles), and when I eventually used Essie No Place Like Chrome, it was a bit hit and miss how it spread in the water.  Stick to cremes I think.

The glorious base here is Veronika, by Literary Lacquers, which I was sent for review.

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