Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Digit-al Dozen DOES Nail Heroes - Literary Lacquers AGAIN, Indigo Bananas, Grace-full Nail Polish and MoYou

Hi Goddesses

And welcome!  Isn't that just the catchiest blog title you've read in ages hahahaha.  Today's post is a double whammy - some holo gradient nail art, with stamping on top - all from my top polish loves.

As is fitting, Literary Lacquers is the only brand to feature twice this week.  My love for Amy is like no other.   I also today have Indigo Bananas, and Grace-full Nail Polish, 2 of my other very favourite brands.

Do you own Literary Lacquers or Indigo Bananas?  If you don't, you really should.  Amy and Andrea are, for me, twins.  They both make polishes with a "less is more" sensibility, and are also able to see what's just around the corner in terms of new and exciting, and subtle twists.   That's why with Amy you get her amazing "crunchy holos" - the perfect mix of glitter and holo, and why with Andrea you'll gasp at a secret shimmer or flakie which is unlike anything you've ever seen before.

Grace-full Nail Polish had a STONKING 2015.  If I'd written my end of year posts, Theresa's Happily Ever After holo collection would have been my collection of the year.  I wore it more than any other, and the polishes just worked so well together.  Theresa has really become a holo mistress, and if you're looking for consistently fab and epic holos, she is definitely where to look.

So in my little painted gradient, I chose some of my favourites from each brand -

Literary Lacquers - Greatest Treasures - the polish that started my love affair with the brand
Literary Lacquers - Veronika - a stonking purple from her most recent collection
Indigo Bananas - Volcanic Corruption - a terrific fiery red
Grace-full Nail Polish - Magenta Sparks, a stunning cerise

Whilst I loved the holo fruit pastille lollipop I was wearing, of course I had to stamp over it, and I chose Illusion 04 from MoYou, one of my favourite MoYou plates.

MoYou totally changed the stamping plate market, and their semi-weekly releases were genius and financially crippling!  They brought a level of inventiveness to the market that hadn't been seen before, and for me they are utter game-changers, as well as being 100% reliable in terms of quality.

Don't for get to check out the other links!

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