Thursday, 18 February 2016

Digit-al Dozen DOES Nail Heroes - Let Them Have Polish and Girly Bits!

Hi Goddesses

Today's post is another blogger and another brand.  The blogger is Cris from Let Them Have Polish, and back when I first started, she was one of my 3 essential blogs (along with Chalkboard Nails and The Polishaholic).

Every day I would be wowed by Cris's designs.  She was the mistress of the skittle, and also the mistress of the relatively simple.  If you look back on her designs, none of them are particularly complex, but she excelled at mixing and matching so that the sum was more than the parts.

Cris was a great stamper, and really opened my eyes to what Konad could bring to a mani.  She was also obsessed with this liger design, and who can blame her!  She also knew how to bling it up.  She constantly added little touches - a rhinestone, or a holo top coat - that just made her mani a little bit MORE.  There's no one else filling her gap.  I miss her.

As for polishes, I wanted to honour Girly Bits this week.  Girly Bits was my first indie polish purchase, waaaay back when she first started, and I don't think Pam is given enough praise for how much she has influenced the indie polish market.  She has been epicly consistent over the years, and is a true pioneer.  I chose the stunning teal that is Get Weaponised and the purple magic of Defying Gravity.

For my other polishes, I chose ones Cris introduced me too.  I'd never heard of Bettina until she started singing their praises, and although I don't own many, they are all gorgeous.   The best thing Cris ever did though was introduce me to Oh My Oceania by Sation - the most EXQUISITE shimmery aqua EVERRRRR.

Cris, salute xx

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