Saturday, 13 February 2016

Time To Say Goodbye

Hi Goddesses

As I think a lot of you know, for some time I've been nearing the end of my blogging shelf-life.  Over the last couple of weeks, it's become clear that that time is almost here, and whilst this week may not be my last ever blog posts, this week IS the most appropriate time to write this post.

This week's Digit-al Dozen theme is Nail Heroes.  When I did the nail art, over Christmas, it seemed like a theme of love, but last night, as I edited the photos, it seemed like the perfect way to say goodbye.  It's a week dedicated to the people who inspired me, propelled me on this journey, encouraged me, uplifted me, laughed and cried with me, and shared their precious creations with me.  There's no better way to acknowledge the people who have truly mattered to me in this blogging life.

I said a mini-goodbye on my personal Facebook page last week to some of the people I've met along this journey.  People whose company I've genuinely enjoyed, and people who have genuinely enriched my life.  What I didn't do was even contemplate saying goodbye to the people who really REALLY have made a MASSIVE impact on my life, and who it will be heartbreaking not to work with again.  As I edited the photos last night, I realised the photos reflected the same group of people - and the timing seemed just too perfect.

My nail heroes manis reflect people who have inspired me, and more importantly, the brands who have made this such a magnificent journey.  For Amy, Carrie, Pam, Theresa, Andrea, working with you has been amazing, and although my nails are saying goodbye to you, I hope we will remain friends for the longest time. 

And you, my amazing readers.  Thank you SO much for your support over the years.   It's hard to believe it sometimes when people tell you they read your blog, or that you were their introduction to nail polish, but it means an enormous amount.   And for everyone who reads this blog because they love the writing, that means the most of all.

As I said at the very beginning, there may or may not be more posts after this week.  There are no more Crumpets Nail Tarts posts in the vault, but March's Digit-al Dozen posts ARE, together with a whole bunch of stuff that has still never seen the light of day lol.  We'll see whether I can muster the energy to post them lol.

So why the retreat?  Well, my next few months are going to be busy.  I am moving house again, and the next 3 months are going to be about selling stuff and boxing up the rest.   Only then, when I get out on the other side, sometime toward the end of June, will I know whether it's over for good, or whether a week of DD manis each month will be exactly what I need :)

In the meantime, I'm destashing.  I've set myself the challenge of only keeping 100 polishes - ha!  We'll see how that goes lol.   

So, not the final goodbyes yet, but it's time to start letting go.  I've loved every minute of this journey, and if this road ends, don't forget there's another one starting already, over on Debhoorah.

Wherever the road takes us xx

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