Friday, 26 October 2018

Memory Lane - Halloween Manis

Hi Goddesses

I don't get the whole American version of Halloween (never have) but I dooooo love the Season of the Witch, and this time of year was always a special time on my blog.   November always seemed like a purple month to me lol, and as the nights got darker, the witch in me would become inspired for some dark and twisted manis.

I thought you might like to see some of my old Halloween manis - maybe you're still looking for inspiration? - and we could also have a laugh over whether we still like them lol.

Let's start with the older, and therefore SHITTIER ones - 

This one's not too bad - apart from the rotting cuticles lol - and was relatively simple.   Purple base, purple sponging around the edges and stamping in the middle.  All before the days of the see-through stamper too.  Check ME out lol.  Link HERE.

A spiderfest.  Gotta be honest, this doesn't exactly scream Halloween at me, but I suspect I desperately wanted to use that stamping plate and lacked any more original ideas.  Link HERE.

Super simple.  No talent required here!!  Black base and then stamp in metallics!   Very easy if your nail art isn't the best.   Link HERE.

OMG this is one of my earliest posts!!  This is 7 years ago - 7 years !!!  Super simple, and something I would happily do again.   Hey, I love crackle and I'm not ashamed to say it.  Crackle just zazooms any mani and it's crazy easy.   Link HERE but proceed with CAUTION, the photos are baaaaad.

Another one from 7 years ago. My god that fucking date stamp aaarrrgghhh. And let's not even discuss the lack of cleanup.  As my dear friend used to say "cleanup required in aisle 9!"   That said, who doesn't love a good splatter.  Again, I could be tempted to do this again .... if it weren't for the clean-up.  I think black splatter on red .... hhhmmm.  Oh, link HERE.

Ah look, we're on the grown-up stuff now.  I always ALWAYS laugh at the difference from a newborn blogger's photos to when they know what they're doing (this post is 3 years ago).  And guess what never changed?   My love of simplicity.  A black and white horror flick with an assortment of stamping plates.  I'm so lazy.  Link HERE.

Ok, I'm not gonna lie, this is one of my favourite manis I ever did.  I was soooooo proud of the idea for this one.  No denying a more talented blogger could have rendered it better, but for me this was Ambitious with a capital A.  The Tale of the Disappearing Cat ....schpookeh!  Link HERE.  

Hhhhmmm so isn't this a weird one.  I'd actually forgotten all about this one.   And I actually think I like it, because it's so weird and different.  This is Decomposing Roses - orange base, splodges of green and purple, and then black stamped roses.  The garish, ghoulish, over-made-up side of Halloween.  Link HERE.

And here she is. Ah, still very proud of this.  I even remember famouser, betterer nail bloggers saying they couldn't replicate it.  My beloved Halloween ghost cat ..... So simple (but you have to be lucky with the the water blobbing) ... and can you ever really beat a black matte base?  Link HERE.

A slightly better spider mani - I called this one Toxic Spiders lol.  Link HERE.

Again, I had COMPLETELY forgotten about this mani!  How is that possible, cos looking at it now, I actually love it (once you realise I've spelt out the word blood on my nails).   Maybe that's just what happens when you churn out so many manis in a short amount of time.   Link HERE.

I hope you've enjoyed this midnight stroll with the ghosts of manis past.  All the old posts are still on this blog - you can search Halloween and Hallowe'en to see them all.   I was also very religious about labelling everything, so if you're viewing this blog on a device that shows you all the labels at the bottom of the page, you can look up pretty much ANYTHING .... if you want to.

Happy spooking!

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